Impact cannot happen in isolation.
It requires collective action.

Entrepreneurial networks as drivers for positive change

Collaboration is proving to be crucial in solving the biggest challenges of our time. As many entrepreneurs, governments and larger organizations galvanize under the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), networks of entrepreneurial communities are becoming key to identifying and developing innovative solutions to meet these goals, offering many compelling benefits to change-makers that support them to increase their impact.

Every year, the Impact Hub network surveys a number of our 16,500 change-makers in 100+ locations across 55+ countries. We want to find out how being part of our network has helped them achieve their goals. The results of this research have been independently analyzed and compiled by the Social Entrepreneurship Center / Vienna University of Economics and Business. The latest data from survey participants shows that a sense of community, collaboration, access to better infrastructure and improved motivation are the main benefits for entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference.

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Support Needs of Social Entrepreneurs

The support needs of social entrepreneurs can be very diverse. Developing skills and new ideas, strengthening motivation, accessing better working infrastructure, gaining visibility and credibility all rank high among social and environmental ventures. However, the need to 'feel part of a larger community and network' stands out as the most important. Ultimately, it is the collaboration with peers, mentors, and advisors that helps entrepreneurs navigate and address their needs.

Impact Hub asked their members to rank the relevance of certain needs to their work. The top three are:

Feeling part of a larger community and network


Strengthening personal motivation


Accessing better working infrastructure


The Power of Intentional Communities

To achieve impact at scale, it is necessary to inspire, connect, and engage a critical mass of people by providing them with valuable knowledge, resources, and access to an engaged and like-minded community. This not only increases entrepreneurs’ social capital but also helps them to learn new skills, gain visibility, diversify investment sources, accelerate growth, boost impact and, in some cases, increase revenue growth.

Entrepreneurs' thoughts on Networks of Communities

Collaborating with other members
Learning new skills and capabilities
Developing new ideas
Gaining visibility and credibility
Feeling part of a larger community
Creating something amazing together
Connecting to advisors and experts

Entrepreneurs who are part of the Impact Hub network feel supported in:

It's all about collaboration in the Impact Hub network

1,500 projects were started by two or more members. 2 out of 10 members worked together.

435,000 hours of peer support were provided by members.

The research found that positive effects of collaboration on organizational performance are particularly noticeable over time.

Compared to members who collaborated less, members who made many connections ended up with a total of 17,300 USD more investment by the end of the following year.

Entrepreneurial Support
Tailored Programs

Tailored Support Programs

Understanding the different needs of social entrepreneurs throughout the various stages of their entrepreneurial journey and connecting them to a broad network of talent, tools, partners and infrastructure, ensures that tailored support can be offered.

The Impact Hub network ran over + entrepreneurial support programs and + collaborative innovation programs focused on SDGs and ecosystem development.

Programs participants attribute 40% of their success to the network and feel supported by us in:


Developing new skills and capabilities


Strengthening personal motivation


Gaining visibility and credibility for their venture


Connecting with experts and advisors that support their growth


Partnering and collaborating with peers


Feeling part of a larger community and network

We are proud to have collaborated with leading organizations from a variety of sectors to implement programs and amplify our impact.

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Collective Impact in Achieving the SDGs

The SDGs offer a common language to describe the world’s most pressing challenges and a framework within which they can be resolved. Impact Hub is mapping the impact our network is having in achieving the SDGs. The most commonly addressed SDGs by our members in each region are:

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